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Preparing your House for sale - some simple tips

By: LJ Hooker Gladstone, Posted: 26/09/2012

Preparing your House for sale – some simple tips

In case you don’t have time to read all my blogs, here are a few tips you can use to maximise your homes potential:


Clean up

Keeping your home spotless for inspections is essential.  If buyers think you have skimped on cleaning your home, they will question how well you have maintained it overall.  Kitchens and bathrooms are key here so clean the grout between tiles, remove debris in drains, remove stains from benchtops and don’t forget to clean inside the cupboards – buyers will be looking!


Lighten up

If your kitchen, living room or hallway seems dark, compensate for the lack of light by using a light colour scheme.  This will also help to make small spaces seem larger.  Light doesn’t have to mean white – try cream or dusty beige.  If a room is in real need of natural light it may be worthwhile installing a skylight – these are particularly successful in a dark hallway.


Storage sells

Most buyers will have storage space high on their wish list, so if your home lacks this commodity you might consider adding built in wardrobes, a hall cupboard or under-stair cupboard or even a window seat with box storage.  Keeping the interiors simple will reduce the costs.  If adding storage is not feasible then at least clear out the clutter to give the impression of space and a streamlined interior.


Everything in proportion

Small rooms can be cosy or just plain small!  If your living space is small you need to maximise what you have to appeal to today’s buyers.  Minimise the amount and size of your furniture.  If you have low ceilings keep the furniture below waist height.  On the other hand, if you are looking to sell an open plan loft space, large pieces are needed to make the space look liveable and in proportion.



Buyers need to be able to visualise living in your home which can be very hard if they are faced with a home full of family photos, figurine collections or exotic art work.  When showing buyers your home, remove these types of very personal items.  If this leaves your home a little bare, replace with a new, more generic, focal point.



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